Zeenat Kotval-Karamchandani

Assistant Professor, Urban & Regional Planning

Zeenat Kotval-Karamchandani

PhD in Geography

Human Ecology Building, Room 404

Phone: (517) 353-5460


Kotval-Karamchandani MSU Scholars Profile

Research Interests: Sustainable Development, Transportation, Research Methods

Dr. Zeenat Kotval-Karamchandani recently joined the Urban & Regional Planning Program at SPDC in 2013 as an Instructor. She completed her PhD in the Department of Geography at Michigan State University. Dr. Kotval-K has received her Master’s degree in Urban & Regional Planning from MSU, and a Master’s in Hospitality Administration from the University of Massachusetts, at Amherst. Her research interests include transportation planning, and urban and environmental sustainability. Currently, Dr. Kotval-K’s research focusses on health impacts, travel behavior and environmental burdens of residents in inner cities and their surrounding suburban areas in Michigan, focused specifically on Lansing and Detroit.