Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can I change my major?

  • A:  Depending on the number of credits and courses you have taken, you may or may not be able to switch into a SPDC major.  Please contact the advisor for details.

Q:  What is limited enrollment?

  • A:  There are a number of majors at MSU which are limited enrollment.  This means the major does not accept every student into the major.  Many of the limited enrollment majors require the completion of certain courses as well as GPA requirements. Please contact the advisors for detailed information.

Q:  How can I get an override, what is an override?

  • A:  An override is the ability to enroll in a class when it is either full or when you do not meet the set prerequisite(s) for the course.  To obtain an override in SPDC, please contact the advisors.  For NON SPDC overrides, you must contact the department who is offering the course.

Q:  What is full time at MSU?

  • A:  Full time status as MSU is a minimum of 12 credits.

Q:  I have a hold on my account?  What is this about?

Q:  What is Annual Enrollment?

  • A:  Annual Enrollment usually begins after spring break each year.  It is the time period given to students, based on their credit total, where they have access to enroll in the following year’s courses, both fall and spring.  It is VERY important that you visit you advisor prior to you annual enrollment date, this date can be found on your STUINFO account.

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- Academic Calendar.  For exact add and drop dates for courses, please click on the section number (s) of the course(s) on the schedule of courses